Journey of the fox king Pt. 1

And my scars bleed on the inside,
walking to the king, he tells me: “Fox,
you’re just a little kid of mine,
you’ll never gonna reach the royal guts.”

My fur shows the crowns mark,
grew up in a dirty cave abroad the town,
was the weakest of them all, the weakest fox around,
want to show them, who I am and finally break out.
Not a single day more, my destiny is the castle,
I wanna meet the king, let us get into a hustle,
they just laugh at me, think I’m gonna fail,
but I’m stronger, stronger than all of them. Continue reading “Journey of the fox king Pt. 1”

Benefit of the doubt

„He hit me, hurted me, he abused me.“ N.
N. was abused. The last time happened just a few hours ago. But this wasn’t the first time, the offender used her. The first time, she got in sexual contact with him, was a few years ago. In the beginning, he acted like a normal friend and got into a relationship with her. At the start of it his behaviour wasn’t unusual, maybe a bit weird. But slowly it began to escalate. Burnings, cuts and abusing happened daily. – Regulary, until today.
The girl is 19 today and had her first experience with rape at the age of 13. A older man, who abused some women before. He was caught, jailed, killed himself. It could be so “easy”. It could be, but the reality looks different. When I asked her, why nothing happened to the “new” raper she just answered “No evidence. His word against mine. No witnesses. Benefit of the doubt.”. No evidence. The girl has to live her life with a trauma, but the criminal can escape over multiple years? That are the moments where I ask myself, why we have law in our country, if it does nothing.

To save us all

Houses were burnt,
and kids bloody killed,
in an old war,
of meaning and will,
but they’ll fight on,
for a better live,
waiting for a hero,
just to survive,
to wreck the hates wall,
to save us all.

Minions of hate,
and minions of fear,
fellows of fate,
and females with tears,
fighting a war,
of endless destroy,
waiting for a hero,
to save us all. Continue reading “To save us all”