Journey of the fox king Pt. 1

And my scars bleed on the inside,
walking to the king, he tells me: “Fox,
you’re just a little kid of mine,
you’ll never gonna reach the royal guts.”

My fur shows the crowns mark,
grew up in a dirty cave abroad the town,
was the weakest of them all, the weakest fox around,
want to show them, who I am and finally break out.
Not a single day more, my destiny is the castle,
I wanna meet the king, let us get into a hustle,
they just laugh at me, think I’m gonna fail,
but I’m stronger, stronger than all of them.

<Hook />

The humans in the town, just running around,
trying to survive, the simple life,
they tremp down my tail, throwing a vase at me,
want to through me out, just want to see me bleed,
but even if I lose all my skin, I’m still the one that wins,
the strongest of them all, stronger than all of them.

<Hook />

The king seems not impressed,
but I’m completely messed up,
from my journey through the mountains, the lands and the city and
the castle, bigger than anything I ever knew.
Then he smiles at me,
“Come on and let me see?
If you’re really worth it, show me.”

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