To save us all

Houses were burnt,
and kids bloody killed,
in an old war,
of meaning and will,
but they’ll fight on,
for a better live,
waiting for a hero,
just to survive,
to wreck the hates wall,
to save us all.

Minions of hate,
and minions of fear,
fellows of fate,
and females with tears,
fighting a war,
of endless destroy,
waiting for a hero,
to save us all.

When your heart just beats faster,
you’re on the right way,
When your heart just bleeds faster,
you should walk away,
in a dark winters dawn,
a hero will come,
slashing that minions,
to save us all.

Building a brige, from heaven to hell,
gluttony, pride and envy’s not well,
fighting that witch, of greed, lust and sloth,
rising his fist, to fight against wrath,
that hero will battle, until morning arrive,
the sake of victory he will stay alive,
the sake of destroy he’ll ending that fight,
that’s our hero,
he will save us all, right?

The endless land, shines in a endless black,
a little girl watches the end through a crack,
a hero with scars, eyes of heroism and brave,
he tried all, he wanted to save,
but he was killed,
the will flew away,
he’ll never give up,
deaths not a barrier,
to save all the people is his carrier,
so a zombie of death,
will save us all?…

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